Model RJY-20004 disposable protective clothing with rubber strip(non-sterile)


防护服RJY-20004 图片.jpg防护服RJY-20004 图片 04.jpg防护服RJY-20004 图片 05.jpg防护服RJY-20004 图片 02.jpg

Disposable protective clothing with rubber strip(non-sterile)

Model: RJY-20004

Weight: 260g

Size: XL

Fabric: PE+PP composite fabric, up to GB19082-2009 standards

Style: hooded protective suit

Color: white

Function: effective protection against dust, harmful particulate matter and low harm liquid limited splash, medical institutions, outpatient, ward and other common isolation use.

Purpose: it can be used in the field of outdoor duty of the company and the staff outside the hospital,and so on.

Daily production of 60000 pcs, according to your requirements can be customized export.


Carton 56*38*53cm, 40pcs/carton