Model RJY-20001 Non-woven fabric disposable civil protective clothing (non-sterile)


防护服RJY-20001 图片 02.jpg防护服RJY-20001 图片 03.jpg

Non-woven fabric disposable civil protective clothing (non-sterile)

Model: RJY-20001

Weight: 50g

Size: M/165,XL/175,XXL/180

Fabric: Non-woven fabric, up to GB19082-2009 standards

Style: hooded protective suit

Color: white

Function: effective protection against dust, harmful particulate matter and low harm liquid
limited splash, medical institutions, outpatient, ward and other common isolation use.

Purpose: it can be used in the field of outdoor duty of the company and the staff outside
the hospital(ICU is not available for non-sterile service)

Daily production of 100000 pcs, according to your requirements can be customized export.


Carton 56*38*53cm, 40pcs/carton